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The owner, Bob, grew up in Washington NJ and started his career at the age of 17 installing floors with his uncle. Beginning as just a helper he worked his way up through several positions working for the local flooring stores. For 30 years Bob was out in the field installing flooring for the residents of his community and travelled as far as New York City doing commercial work in high-rises. 

    In his mid 30’s after 5 years of working as head of the service department in one of New Jersey’s largest floor covering companies, Bob wanted the opportunity to serve his community in ways he was not able to previously. With his family growing Bob and his wife Kathleen decided it was time to use the skills he had learned over the years to open their own business together; finally working for himself and answering only to his customers. 

    Opening their first storefront, Horizon Floors in 2006 Bob and Kathleen’s goal was to provide their patrons with outstanding service and attention to detail. With extremely limited advertising our name quickly spread across the community from the mouths of our satisfied customers. The demand from our community quickly outgrew our small store in Phillipsburg NJ and we decided to expand in 2009 to where we are now: K&B Floorcovering in Easton PA!

    We owe our survival and expansion through the 2008 crises and subsequent crash in economy to the reputation Bob and Kathleen had created in their community and of course the people who continuously came back to us and shared their experience with their friends and family! 

    Over the years our 7 children and the families they are making have contributed to our family business with each of their unique abilities. While we love working with our family and keeping everyone as close as possible we are so happy to see our children venture off into their chosen paths and careers, and they still find the time to help as needed!

    Today Bob works directly with his son Patrick in our Easton Showroom. Patrick installed for us for several years before jumping into a professional sales position at one of the largest furniture retailers in the North-East. After gaining the approval and respect of his peers and managers and seeing the positive impact he could make with his customers Patrick decided to come back on board with us full time with the hopes to grow our small family business into the next generation!

    While consistently providing our customers with the high level of service you expect and deserve; We strive to exceed your expectations in everything we do and hope to continue serving you for a long time to come!

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